Magnum Opus Video

Here is a video from one of the stages of Magnum Opus 2013. Despite suffering a failed ball joint and DNFing the race, we had a blast, and the car felt promisingly quick!


Sno* Drift 2013 Report


Last year many of the stages were so icy that spectators were disappointed with the lack-luster performance of the cars as they crept around stages and got stuck on icy hills.  The drivers  struggled to push hard for points and at the same time not stuffing the car into a snow bank or overshooting the turn.  Many a body panel littered the stages and not from spectacular crashes but from low speed slides into berms and brush.  Even one of the sweep trucks ended up in a snow bank at a spectator area and lost a dinner plate sized piece of bumper


However, this year was very different.  For the front runners the stages had a sticky snow covering irregular icy dirt/gravel.  There was enough traction out there to get the speeds up and I saw a lot of great drifting from the whole field and not just the top teams.  Some of the mid pack drivers I talked to complained that the roads were polished by lead cars but from a spectators perspective they still put on a good show.  An added bonus was that the super special stage was much longer with a good chunk of that being visible to the spectators.  Most of the drivers were able to put on a good show for the eager crowds.

The weather, as expected was chilly – Friday was in the teens and dipped into the 0-10° range at night – not counting wind chill.  Saturday was high teens, low 20’s with the temps dropping about 10 degrees as the sun set.  Usually the Super Special can be very chilly since the rim of the quarry is exposed to the wind and it catches many people unprepared.  This year the wind was pretty mild and we even got a few hours of sun!


If you haven’t been to a rally before, I would strongly suggest it.  Rally is such a small community of spectators and racers going to an event feels like a huge family reunion.  The hosting city becomes Rally-Town USA with stage rally cars transiting between stages, stopping for gas and sometimes for food at a local eatery.  You might accidentally bump into Higgins or Block and get a signature or some free swag.

Here is a video compilation of all the great motoring.




Subaru Wheel Bearing How-To / FAQ

This is an updated version of the one and only original writeup I did back in 2006 on, that has been floating around in PDF form. Enjoy! ~Dmitriy

This How-To/FAQ includes the steps need to replace a rear wheel bearing, including making your own wheel bearing puller tool. I also go through some of the common trouble spots, which can be helpful if you’re not an experienced mechanic.

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